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Da oggi Lightdoor e` disponibile anche con led colorati!

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Lightdoor gives a touch of design and innovation to the rooms of your home or office, contributing to furnishing the rooms with originality and elegance. A door with panel Lightdoor is a mark of distinction, a means to emphasize your inspiration and creativity, and combines practicality and aesthetic value.
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At nightfall Lightdoor gives unforgettable moments thanks to its brightness and elegance. Lightdoor is able to light up in various ways, with different types of color, with a steady light or intermittent. Enrich your space with Lightdoor, will be giving a new light to your surroundings.

The panel of the casing lightdoor is fully customizable. The possibilities are so endless, and designs range from fantasy to real reproductions and custom design from the customer.

The ports that use the panel Lightdoor find their greater importance in all those situations evening or night in which the light of the premises is generally more diffuse. E 'in this atmosphere that Lightdoor, through the light emanating internally by LED, can indicate the presence of a step, create special lighting, arouse pleasant feelings in those who are on the premises.

Lightdoor is a panel that finds its application both on interior doors that on entry doors. On request it is possible to evaluate its position on any other type of frames for homes, offices, businesses etc ...

The panel Lightdoor has a grid of LED lights (white or colored), positioned internally, thanks to which it generates intense light from place to games of light / dark different depending on the design printed on the panel itself. The power can be turned to the passage of a person, by means of a presence detector or with a common on / off switch.

The electrical circuit necessary for the operation of the panel comes together to the window and is installed by our own technicians. Given the presence of a transformer and connecting wires between the door and the house plant is recommended to prepare the room for the installation: it will be enough that we contact your electrician to have the pattern of the assembly instructions.
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